Lake District Accommodation For Dogs

The North of England has large areas designated as National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. These have wonderful areas of moor and mountain, as well as rivers and lakes, on and around which to enjoy the company of your dog on long walks.

Fortunately for dog-loving people taking holidays in the North there are many places to stay with their dogs. For example, there is a great deal of dog friendly accommodation in Lake District country areas and also in the small towns and villages. “Pets welcome” is a slogan found at many hotels, B&B establishments and holiday cottages.

Many Cumbrian holiday cottage owners themselves have dogs and are welcoming toward well-behaved canine visitors. Some hotels have allocated ground floor rooms as dog-friendly accommodation with direct access to the outside. They’re constantly trying to come up with fresh ideas to make a doggy holiday less of “a dog’s life”.

There are holiday cottages with garden fencing designed to keep your dog from wandering. This can be a great reassurance if you’re staying out in the country and you have a dog that is unaccustomed to farm animals. Having already referred obliquely to the need for pets to be well trained for indoors it’s important to stress here the necessity of keeping dogs under control when outside in the fields and on the fells.

The range and level of facilities vary widely. Check with potential accommodation owners or managers exactly what they are, and what are the costs. Prices also vary considerably. What seems expensive to one person or family might be considered reasonable or even cheap by another. There’s a lot available, but make sure you know what you’re getting for your money.

In addition to Around-England, which passed its fifth birthday toward the end of last year, I now have a site specifically devoted to accommodation in the Lake District. Dog friendly accommodation is one of the subjects dealt with there:

Lake District Accommodation Dog Friendly


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