More on Lake District Walking with Your Dog

A few days ago in another place I wrote about the importance of not over-stretching a dog when on a walking holiday. While it is true that some large and energetic dogs may have considerable stamina we also need to be aware that dogs don’t wear boots, and many Lake District walks are over terrain that’s far from friendly to unshod paws.

Today, though I came across another aspect of fell walking with a dog, the danger of being knocked over oneself … by one’s dog! I suppose it’s quite rare, but this incident does show that it can happen.

MOUNTAIN rescue crews were called out tonight to help a woman who suffered leg injuries when she was knocked over by her dog.

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Anyway, with or without dog, make sure that if you’re going onto the fells alone you leave word as to where you’re planning to go. Even if you divert to some degree, should there be an accident people will have a rough idea where to start looking.

Oh, and that reminds me. Dog friendly hotels will often be able to point you to places locally where your pet can be looked after for a day if you want to do a walk that would be unsuitable for Rosie or Rover.

Enjoy your walking.


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